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Diversity: Building Healthy Connections. Yes, this can be fun!



In a casual atmosphere, surrounded by Italian-inspired hospitality, Interchange Evening PDX on 31 July 2019 was hosted by tic USA CEO Sabine Amend. Expert facilitator Dimitra Giannakoulias and a group of very engaged participants demonstrated just how very possible it is to enjoy growing positive relationships while addressing a topic which often proves divisive rather than connective.

Through exploring ‘deep diversity’, for example values, groups build a level of understanding that contributes to the establishment of trust and mutual appreciation in teams and work projects. This foundation supports engagement and high performance, both goals considered very important by most leaders and organizations.
Further, the conversation lead to the skills that are vital to beginning the path of positive relationships with others who may not yet see that such a reality is within reach. Critical skills include those of the heart, the mind and the hands (know-how). Curiosity and humility, the ability to deal with the ambiguous and complex dynamics of different social worlds, and the courage to take a first step into new social terrain are among them.
ti communication, as a global organization, can help your organization develop these skills and reap the benefits of a human-centered approach to diversity. And, yes, having fun in the process, too.
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