Innovation and reliability have a history.

Ever since the days of our predecessor company, Dr. Fischhof Ges.m.b.H., founded in 1960 in Vienna, we have continually grown. Continuity and reliability have been as important to us as innovation and dynamics.

In the meantime, the steady growth of ti communication GmbH has moved the firm to the forefront as a leading service provider of intercultural training and coaching, with main offices in Regensburg and Vienna, representative offices in Shanghai and Zurich, and implementation sites all around the world.

The Consulting business division was added in 2012, rounding off our portfolio of services to include systemic human resources and organizational development

Would you like to find out more about our history? You can discover the most important milestones in the timeline below – or let us tell you in a personal conversation.


2015 – Moving into Fröhliche-Türken-Straße 3
  • Our growing business left us no choice: we moved into a new office in Regensburg twice the size of our old one. This, however, creates options for greater expansion and improved customer services.
2014 – Representative offices in Shanghai and Zurich; New venues
  • Our representative office in Zurich has opened as of September 2014. Dorothea Hegner, an experienced expert on the Swiss market, will represent our company in Switzerland.
  • Our representative office in Shanghai has opened as of January 2014. 
  • The new venues in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Zurich further expand our international presence by three attractive locations for open training courses.
2013 – Macedonia, Russia, Thailand; New venues, corporate name change in Regensburg as a GmbH (limited liability company)
  • With our new venues in Kuala Lumpur and Moscow, our international training services in the intercultural realm are expanded by two attractive venues.
  • By transforming the company’s legal status from a GbR (private partnership) to a limited liability company, ti communication GmbH takes on its current form in Regensburg.
  • With assignments in Macedonia and Thailand, we expand our global presence.
2012 – Norway, Serbia, Malaysia; New venues, new Consulting business division
  • With the new venues in Chicago, Istanbul, Cologne, Manila, Munich, Beijing, Pune and São Paulo, ti communication becomes the only provider in the German-speaking realm to offer open training courses on intercultural topics on a global level.
  • The ti communication consulting team goes into operation.
  • Customer projects are conducted for the first time in Norway, Serbia and Malaysia.
2011 – China, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the USA; New venues
  • In addition to the existing locations in Regensburg and Vienna, the new venues of Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Nuremberg are added to the catalogue.
  • In-house projects in China, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the USA broaden our spectrum of service countries.
2010 – Japan
  • • A customer project is conducted for the first time in Japan.
2009 – Brazil, the Netherlands; Corporate name change in Regensburg, expanded services, leading market position
  • Continual growth of the company leads to a new form and name in Regensburg: long-time employees Susanna Brökelmann and Carolin Öllinger become partners in ti communication GbR. Continuity and dynamic development go hand in hand.
  • Due to a high demand for specific training formats, our services are augmented to include situation-specific training and coaching, e.g. by the areas of project management, leadership, team building and virtual teams.
  • In the meantime, ti communication is among the leading providers in the realm of intercultural country preparation and the generation of comprehensive expatriate/re-integration programmes.
  • With assignments in Brazil and the Netherlands, we add additional service countries to our global presence.
2008 – India, Spain; Corporate name change in Vienna
  • With the corporate name change to ti communication Dr. Fischhof GmbH in Vienna, the know-how developed over decades and long-term experience are integrated into a common network.
  • As a newly activated location, Vienna enables the expansion of our presence in the Central and Eastern European markets.
  • In addition, the first in-house projects are conducted in India and Spain.
2007 – France, the Philippines, Singapore, Czech Republic, Hungary
  • A temporary branch is set up in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Customer projects in France, Singapore, Hungary and the Philippines augment our global presence.
2006 – Korea and Poland: First foreign in-house projects
  • With in-house projects in Korea and Poland, ti communication begins its gradual development as a global presence.
2004 – Intercultural training under a new name, Stiftung Warentest calls it “exceptionally good”
  • Intercultural training programmes are now developed and publicized separately under the new business domain ti communication.
  • In the May 2004 issue of the magazine FINANZtest, ti communication Regensburg is evaluated as “exceptionally good” as an expert for China workshops. Of the ten training institutions tested, only three receive this result. In the category “Tailored toward participants’ needs”, our workshop was the only one to receive the best mark.
2000 – Foundation of Team Interculturale in Regensburg and Verona
  • In Regensburg, Team Interculturale Gerhard Hain and in Verona, Team Interculturale Sonja Engelbert, are founded. Their range of services comprises translations and intercultural training.
  • Both locations represent the starting point of the current network and enterprise ti communication.
1960 – Foundation of Dr. Fischhof Ges.m.b.H. in Vienna
  • Our predecessor company, Dr. Fischhof Ges.m.b.H., is founded in Vienna.
  • Through the use of psychological interviews and tests serving the scientifically sound selection of personnel for companies and organizations, the firm was a pioneer in Austria in the then largely unknown realm of human resources management.
  • ti communication Dr. Fischhof GmbH is still involved in these areas today within our network.