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Customer Service

Susanne Abdennouri Customer Service intercultural Training

Susanne Abdennouri

Account Manager

Doris Aringer Customer Service intercultural Training

Doris Aringer

Account Manager

Dorothea Hegner intercultural Training Switzerland

Dorothea Hegner

Switzerland Chief Representative

Nora Uhri Customer Service intercultural Training Vienna

Nóra Uhri

Management Assistant Vienna

Maria Campagno Customer Service intercultural Training

Maria Campagno

Team Assistant

Sarah Bieber Account Manager

Sarah Bieber

Account Manager

Marketing and Sales

 Kristin Frauenhoffer intercultural Training

Kristin Frauenhoffer

Manager Marketing & Sales



Sabine Amend Management USA

Sabine Amend

Management Board USA

Peter Berger Management Austria

Dr. Peter Berger

Management Board Austria

Susanna Bezzel Management Germany

Susanna Bezzel

Management Board Germany

Gerhard Hain Management Germany Austria

Gerhard Hain

Management Board Germany & Austria