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E-learning with the Country Navigator

ti communication is your partner in development on the international stage. In order to ensure the success of our intercultural training courses in the long term, we now present the new e-learning tool “Country Navigator”.

Within the context of the new structures of the ti communication learning process, we support our customers and training participants for an extended period of time, offering even more individualized ongoing service. One of the cornerstones of our training philosophy is the sustainability of our methods. It is our goal to successfully anchor the newly-acquired competences of our participants on a long-term basis. With regard to this, it is essential for participants to independently enhance and actively use the training content after the course.

As your partner in development, ti communication would like to also support you in this phase of your learning process as optimally as possible. To do so, we recommend the “Country Navigator”. This e-learning tool offers you an ideal supplement to your face-to-face training: You can review and enhance the course content and actively apply your acquired knowledge in case studies. In addition to the course-relevant target culture, you have the opportunity to also investigate a total of 85 cultures. The Country Navigator is developed by TMA World, our professional e-learning partner.

Diversified course content and interactive modules enable participants to independently review, deepen and expand their new knowledge. Use the Country Navigator at your own pace, comfortably from home or on the go via your tablet – making active knowledge transfer in your daily life very simple.

A quick overview and a short journey through the tool can be found here in the video.

Would you like to supplement your course with modern online e-learning sessions and stimulate long-term learning success? Feel free to contact us, and we will inform you personally about the possible integration options of the Country Navigator into your individual training process.


An overview of the Country Navigator functions:

Training global intercultural competence

In contact with customers, business partners and colleagues from a wide variety of cultures, misunderstandings can easily occur. Gain more confidence in international situations with sustainable general cultural competence training. The eight interactive e-learning modules offer an ideal supplement to our face-to-face seminars. The content covered in them can be worked on and reviewed using practical case studies, reinforcing the skills learned on a long-term basis. This will make you a global player who knows how to act confidently in intercultural business situations.

Country Info

Are you being dispatched to a certain country for an extended period? Or do you work with colleagues from various countries and are interested in their backgrounds? Thanks to the Country Info function, following the training course, you can read about the cultural, historical and social backgrounds of more than 85 countries, in an easy-to-read, clear format. You will also find additional advice regarding travel and optimal collaboration with business partners in your target country.

Training culture-specific competence

Do you have intensive business contact with one particular country? Then enhance the intercultural competence you’ve gained in the seminar by focussing specifically on that target culture. The country-specific e-learning modules refresh the theoretical content of the seminar and enhance it in a targeted manner through selected case studies. This means you can review and reinforce your newly-acquired skills in dealing with business partners from your target culture.

Flight Pack

For global managers who are always on the go: The desired country information can be very easily converted to a customized document in the Download & Print area. This enables you to review your acquired knowledge from the course wherever you are – any place and any time.

TMA Worldprism ProfileTM

Find out which cultural orientation patterns influence your personality and work style in a global context. Subsequently, you can compare your behavioural patterns with cultural profiles of target cultures from approximately 85 countries. Where does your work style overlap that of your foreign business partners, and where might fundamental differences in attitude lurk? You can also directly compare your profile to those of your colleagues.


Would you like to review and enhance specific information from the intercultural course and continue on a self-study basis? The Video area of the Country Navigator offers virtual seminar series on a number of topics, such as Remote & Global Leadership, Multicultural Management, Global Virtual Teams, Cultural Intelligence and many more.