Trainer Meeting 2018 – from Expansion to Supervision


The room was buzzing with activity on the weekend of January 27 and 28, 2018, when twelve trainers who regularly work for ti communication met in the Regensburg offices to participate in the annual trainer meeting. The atmosphere was so animated that it was clear: All attendees were communication experts. And that’s how it should be, because the primary goal of this two-day event is for trainers to share theoretical and practical experiences in a convivial gathering, as well as for them to learn from each other’s areas of expertise. Ti communication contributes by providing the trainers with the latest news from the ti communication world.

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Americans: More than meets the eye


The United States of America has two symbols that most Americans use to identify their core values. One is the Statue of Liberty and the other is Uncle Sam. The Statue of Liberty represents all of the things that have made America great; the hope for a better life, freedom from persecution, new chances, a new life, all that is even promised in the constitution, the pursuit of happiness. This dream, of being able to become anything you want, from rags to riches, in short, the American Dream, is what she represents. The vision of her, looking out at the ocean, welcoming new Americans and new dreams, is what represents so many of the good and positive values that Americans hold.
On the other side is Uncle Sam. He is there to tell you to join the Army, pay your taxes on time, in some cases, to buy a new car! All in all, he is quite a demanding character! He is also often used as a representation of the US Government.

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Our Newsletter January- April 2018 has arrived!


With this, our first newsletter of 2018, we wish you a Happy New Year, filled with good health, success, and lots of energy to implement your goals! We’re also starting off the year at full speed.

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Highlights: ti communication at SIETAR USA 2017 Conference


At the SIETAR USA Conference last week (18 to 21 October 2017) in San Diego, ti communication introduced its brand and US-based office to the intercultural industry in North America.

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ti communication sponsors SIETAR USA Conference 2017


Well-known as a frequent sponsor of SIETAR events in Europe, this is the first year for ti communication to sponsor a SIETAR USA Conference.

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ti communication goes USA


ti communication is growing transatlantically for you, with an office in Portland, Oregon, USA.
Our doors open there right now. With this fixed structure in North America, ti communication’s services will be targeted even more precisely toward your needs:

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Regional Cultures in the USA (5/5): The Far West and the America of Today and Tomorrow


The states in the Far West share a paradoxical position: They are dependent on access to the resources obtained through their lobbying in Washington, D.C.; at the same time, they have cultivated an identity of strong individualism and a rhetoric of independence from large, national politics.

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Regional Cultures in the USA (4/5): Central Conflicts and Developments in the 19th Century


Western expansion largely took place in the 19th century, and was characterized by streams of immigrants and the struggle for influence between the various cultures in the country.

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Regional Cultures in the USA (3/5): The Deep South, the Midlands and Appalachia


If you travel through the USA, you can still experience regional cultures: Despite a visual homogeneity of the same hotel, restaurant and retail chains, you can detect differences in communication styles, as well as work behavior, education and values. When coaching expatriates, I often observe that they are very surprised when “the” familiar USA (for example experienced in Boston) suddenly requires learning about a new culture in the same country when they move to another region (such as Charlotte).

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Regional Cultures in the USA (2/5): British Colonies Tidewater & Yankeedom vs. New France and New Amsterdam


As a European immigrant to the USA, I still experience the country with surprise, even ten years later. The reality is different that I expect; it does not fit into my thought process. Current social developments, political processes or bitter debates in the USA regarding things like the role of public schools or states also astonish many Americans. How do these dynamics develop?

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