Regional Cultures in the USA (3/5): The Deep South, the Midlands and Appalachia


If you travel through the USA, you can still experience regional cultures: Despite a visual homogeneity of the same hotel, restaurant and retail chains, you can detect differences in communication styles, as well as work behavior, education and values. When coaching expatriates, I often observe that they are very surprised when “the” familiar USA (for example experienced in Boston) suddenly requires learning about a new culture in the same country when they move to another region (such as Charlotte).

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Regional Cultures in the USA (2/5): British Colonies Tidewater & Yankeedom vs. New France and New Amsterdam


As a European immigrant to the USA, I still experience the country with surprise, even ten years later. The reality is different that I expect; it does not fit into my thought process. Current social developments, political processes or bitter debates in the USA regarding things like the role of public schools or states also astonish many Americans. How do these dynamics develop?

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Regional Cultures in the USA (1/5): One Country, 11 “Nations,” 50 States


Have you never experienced El Norte, the Midlands or Tidewater in connection with the USA? Then welcome to this blog series!

In a total of five segments, you will discover that (as in every country) there are not just “the Americans,” and that today’s states harbor a variety of regional cultures. Discover more about the roots of this great country, and the effects that the history of its founding has had on American society and economy right up to the present. Myths will be examined, and apparent paradoxes in the country made clearer. I look forward to sharing my perspectives with you, based on more than 10 years of living and working in the USA.

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"Emotional intelligence for mutual understanding" - eMag Interview (6)


Life in a strange culture is full of the potential for unexpected social mistakes, the stumbling blocks in the professional paths of employees working abroad. Cross-cultural trainers are here to prepare our colleagues for unfamiliar territory and to help them reflect about other cultures based on existing clichés. The eMag series "Cultures, Communication and Clichés" is dedicated to this fascinating vocation. Today Sabine Amend speaks with us about cross-cultural learning strategies and tells us about the connection between cross-cultural skills and the development of emotional intelligence. Her specialty area: development of international leadership skills in the USA.

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Intercultural Sensitivity Workshop & World Café at Robert Bosch GmbH


In the realm of intercultural training, intensive cooperation is already taking place between Robert Bosch GmbH and ti communication, especially regarding the preparation of employees being sent on foreign assignments. It hardly even matters where they are going; our network of experts spans the globe: from Singapore to Portugal, the Netherlands, China and Saudi Arabia, all the way to Australia.

This year, we had the opportunity to support the Robert Bosch company using a different format: On the occasion of an international conference with participants from Germany, China, the USA and Japan, our trainers Anna Corbett and Susanne Taylor conducted a 2.5-hour workshop.

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Podcast: Global business communication and culture


What do US-Americans have to keep in mind when working with Germans? What can be considered “typically German”, or “typically American”? What incidents could cause irritations on both sides? During her interview with Globig’s CEO Anke Corbin, our senior trainer Sabine Amend invites you to change perspectives.

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ti communication - Success Stories


Our Newsletter May- August 2017 has arrived!

The newest issue contains:

- An article on the successful collaboration of our Trainer Andreas Hauser with the Austrian company OMICRON electronics and his “Global Leadership” seminar in Sweden.

- An interview of our trainer Angela Kessel with Infineon’s co-worker magazine in which our expert talks about possible misunderstandings between Germans and Japanese and how these might be avoided.


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„Global Leadership“ - Andreas Hauser about Management Training for OMICRON electronics in Sweden


OMICRON electronics of Klaus, Austria, is renowned as a service provider for innovative test solutions
in electrotechnology: 700 employees, 20 branches around the world and business activity in 140 countries
make this enterprise from Vorarlberg one of the leading international companies in its sector. English
is almost a matter of course as the global corporate

One of OMICRON’s trademarks is its success beyond cultural borders – and ti communication supports
this endeavor: Senior trainer and coach Andreas Hauser has been conducting general and country- specific training for national and international employees since 2012. Since last year, the company has gone a step further, allowing Andreas Hauser to prepare its managers around the world for future internal and external challenges in the area of global leadership.

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"There's no way to escape national clichés" - eMag Interview (5)

"There's no way to escape national clichés" - eMag Interview (5)

In our eMag series "Cultures, Communication and Clichés" we speak with external cross-cultural trainers about how they prepare their trainees for life in other cultures. This includes working on national clichés and unexpected social mistakes. And it's not always possible to avoid falling back into our own cultural patterns. Trainer Angela Kessel conveys an awareness of this fact and illustrates behavioral patterns using specific examples. Her specialty area: Japan and the topics Communication, Project Management and Hierarchical Systems.

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