New format: Intercultural Security Awareness Training - Example: Brazil


The topic of safety has recently gained in importance for several companies and institutions that send their employees abroad. Many countries are increasingly plagued by violence and conflict. In Brazil, the inhabitants suffer from crime and its consequences, due to the large social divide and systematic corruption.
The majority of violent crimes in Brazil include pickpocketing, mugging people getting in and out of cars, robbing people at traffic lights, and “lightning kidnapping” (ATM stops). The perpetrators are usually individual, belligerent parties or belong to criminal gangs.
Thus, in addition to language, cultural and intercultural preparation for Brazil, the demand for security training has risen.

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Developing management competencies for tomorrow here and now

Developing management competencies for tomorrow here and now

Sabine Amend, speaker at the INTERCHANGE '15, about changig demands on executives in an increasingly global and complex world.

Small, medium-sized and very large companies ask themselves: If the world changes in the next 10 years at as fast a rate or faster than in the past 20 years – what will we be facing? What competencies must managers master in order to endure in this turbulent world? The challenge for HR and managers is the complexity of the situation: A lot is going to change very quickly - but just how is virtually impossible to predict. Several factors will come together. Global and local interactions will cause surprises and critical, new conditions for organizations. How can companies react? What role will management have? Will foresightful, future-oriented action even still be possible? And if so, how?

Let's start with a snapshot of the present to find answers to these questions:

Global leadership – unlimitedly complex?

A manager from Southeast Asia with international experience is responsible for employees in several Asian countries and western Europe. She works for a German corporation. Now, for the first time, she is working in an American/multicultural environment in southern California: The German corporation purchased a company with locations in several regions of the USA. The firm's goal is to expedite the standardization of processes – while at the same time keeping the impatient, individualistic American employees motivated. Initial tensions between the expectations of the German head office and the realities in the USA are already showing. How can the manager operate optimally in this multilayered situation?

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15 years of ti communication - Anniversary celebration to benefit Doctors Without Borders

15 years of ti communication -  Anniversary celebration to benefit Doctors Without Borders

Following our exchange forum INTERCHANGE in the afternoon, we will hold our anniversary celebration to benefit the organization "Doctors Without Borders" on the evening of 02 October 2015 in Regensburg's historic Salzstadel salt store building. We welcome you to join us in celebrating 15 years of ti communication, 15 years of intercultural management and consulting in the heart Regensburg's historical centre, and 15 years of loyal customers!

Small start, great growth!

At the inception of ti communication, what is now a company for intercultural management and consulting began as a two-man/woman operation. Year for year, it grew into a successful corporate consulting firm. Today, ti communication boasts a large team of employees responsible for the preparation, conduction and follow-up work of our training courses, customer service, sales and marketing. Around the world, more than 300 senior experts are at work for our clients. On virtually every continent, we offer intercultural training and the respective corporate consulting at any time. Today, ti communication is a global player in more than 40 countries: Several renowned corporations rely on our consulting services, because they know that customer needs are the focus of our work.

15 years of passion

For 15 years now, our motivation has been the joy we find in our work. We love what we do and look forward to the success of our measures every day! After so many sears of successful collaboration, we wish to thank you, and are holding a special event for you, and of course for us as well, on the occasion of our anniversary. Our celebration is taking place in the historical Salzstadel in Regensburg, with its unique atmosphere. Gerhard Hain and his associates at ti communication will host the evening, receiving a helping hand from the following people:

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The Trainer Meeting 2015 Of current innovations and planned sensations!

The Trainer Meeting 2015   Of current innovations and planned sensations!

From 28 February to 01 March 2015, ti communication held its annual trainer meeting in Regensburg. Under the motto “Intercultural Management Development”, this year, too, numerous interesting lectures by our trainers and coaches contributed to the success of the event. In addition to providing instruction on the topics, the annual meeting also primarily served as a chance for trainers and ti communication to ex-change ideas and experiences.

At the start of our trainer meeting, CEO Gerhard Hain provided a short review of the year 2014 and presented the developed workshop series called “Hauser.Kochen | Hain.Kultur” (“ | Hain.culture”), which will be part of our programme as of the summer of 2015. The trainers got a further surprise with the presentation of the planned INTERCHANGE, which, initiated by ti communication, will take place on 02 October 2015 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regensburg.

From the “Intercultural Readiness Check” to the dynamic “Enterprise Game Platform”

Andreas Hauser opened the technical portion of the event with a report on four possible in-ternationalization strategies for companies and their influence on the respective management models. Using these strategies, one can identify how global a company is and what synergetic potential exists between

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Fit for doing Business with Germany / German-speaking-nations – Our Workshops and Seminars for doing business with German-speaking nations have got a new concept: modular structure for maximum customer satisfaction!

Fit for doing Business with Germany / German-speaking-nations –  Our Workshops and Seminars for doing business with German-speaking nations have got a new concept: modular structure for maximum customer satisfaction!

The proven concept of practical experience of participates, guided by well experienced Senior Trainers / Consultants / Coaches reaches new levels: participants get input about work- and living environment in Germany, actively acquire hands-on know-how for excellent collaboration (Toolbox) and develop facilities to address various situations adequately: how to avoid conflicts, how to figure out what makes the German’s tick, what are their expectations and how to deal with it efficiently.

Custom-made Training Programs

The modular structure of the workshops allows the “perfect fit Workshop” according to clients’ needs. Various modules can be selected and combined based on client’s key aspects. The result: maximized customer satisfaction!

Depending on requirements 1-day Seminars, 1.5 days Workshops or the optimized version of 2 days Workshop can be arranged.

Based on client’s particular requirements, Seminars and Workshops are available for participants in general with standardized program as well as custom-made in-house trainings. Locations are in India as well as in German-speaking countries in Western Europe. Training languages can be either English or German. Bi-national, Indo-German Trainer Team is on call.

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