Trainer Meeting 2018 – from Expansion to Supervision


The room was buzzing with activity on the weekend of January 27 and 28, 2018, when twelve trainers who regularly work for ti communication met in the Regensburg offices to participate in the annual trainer meeting. The atmosphere was so animated that it was clear: All attendees were communication experts. And that’s how it should be, because the primary goal of this two-day event is for trainers to share theoretical and practical experiences in a convivial gathering, as well as for them to learn from each other’s areas of expertise. Ti communication contributes by providing the trainers with the latest news from the ti communication world.

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The Trainer Meeting 2015 Of current innovations and planned sensations!

The Trainer Meeting 2015   Of current innovations and planned sensations!

From 28 February to 01 March 2015, ti communication held its annual trainer meeting in Regensburg. Under the motto “Intercultural Management Development”, this year, too, numerous interesting lectures by our trainers and coaches contributed to the success of the event. In addition to providing instruction on the topics, the annual meeting also primarily served as a chance for trainers and ti communication to ex-change ideas and experiences.

At the start of our trainer meeting, CEO Gerhard Hain provided a short review of the year 2014 and presented the developed workshop series called “Hauser.Kochen | Hain.Kultur” (“ | Hain.culture”), which will be part of our programme as of the summer of 2015. The trainers got a further surprise with the presentation of the planned INTERCHANGE, which, initiated by ti communication, will take place on 02 October 2015 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Regensburg.

From the “Intercultural Readiness Check” to the dynamic “Enterprise Game Platform”

Andreas Hauser opened the technical portion of the event with a report on four possible in-ternationalization strategies for companies and their influence on the respective management models. Using these strategies, one can identify how global a company is and what synergetic potential exists between

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