People and Mindsets - Activate your Ultimate Innovation Technology

05-31-2019 11:30 am -1:30 pm
Virtual (PST; UTC - 8)

Frequently, it is assumed that innovation technology is an object or product. Taking a different stance in this introductory workshop, we explore the assumption and focus that people, communication processes, and mindsets are extraordinarily powerful innovation resources. The key question therefore becomes: How do we set conditions for this resource to flourish and bear fruit? In the first part of the webinar, we will build the foundation with key frameworks; the second part consists of brief units of application and experimentation.

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People and Mindsets - Activate your Ultimate Innovation Technology

11-07-2019 8:30 am -5:00 pm

In this one-day workshop, learn how to access and activate innovation capacity in teams and the larger organization. Experience methodologies and frameworks which are immediately actionable. They allow you to influence the conditions which nurture and expand the innovative capacities in yourself and others. Mindsets, communication, and relationships become a source of creative, dynamic change potential that is both profound and practical.

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