Intercultural Training Mexico-Germany

09-18-2019 9:00 am -5:00 pm

Intercultural Training Mexico - Germany: Even though time is a measurable value and therefore objectively the same in every country, there is hardly another aspect that is so different in all of the cultures than the perception of time. For that reason, five minutes according to the context can mean something completely different in countries such as China, Mexico, Germany or Australia. Especially between the Mexican and German culture there seem to be major differences in this area. While it is common ground in Germany that “you shouldn’t postpone anything to tomorrow what you can do today”, people in Mexico believe that “there is more time than life”. Not surprisingly these different concepts of time can become a huge challenge in an intercultural work environment. Hence this training focuses especially on the question how a successful time management, which considers the cultural differences without prioritizing automatically one way of dealing with time, could look like.

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